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Broward Math and Science School’s Recruitment and Selection Process
At Broward Math and Science Schools (BMSS), we are committed to recruiting highly qualified administrators, teachers, and school staff who share our passion for excellence in education. Our recruitment process is designed to attract dedicated professionals who will contribute to our mission of fostering student achievement in a stimulating learning environment.

Recruitment Strategies
Online Classified Ads: We will place targeted classified ads on major online platforms such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and Zip Recruiter to reach potential candidates.
School Website: The school website’s “Employment” section will feature links to job openings, providing transparency and accessibility to interested applicants.
Teacher Job Fairs: BMSS representatives will actively participate in teacher job fairs within Broward County and collaborate with local colleges to connect with prospective educators.
Word of Mouth: We recognize the power of referrals and encourage our stakeholders to spread the word about BMSS career opportunities.

Teacher Selection Criteria
Our principal is committed to selecting certified teachers who embody the following qualities:
Dedication to Student Achievement: We seek educators who are passionate about propelling student success and fostering a love for learning.
Recruitment Incentives: To attract top talent, we offer hiring bonuses and cover fees associated with the Department of Education (DOE) subject area exams for certification.
Experience-Based Compensation: Teachers’ experience directly impacts their salary range, rewarding seasoned educators.

Interview Process
Qualification Review: After assessing candidates’ qualifications, we narrow down the pool to invite qualified individuals for interviews.
In-Depth Interviews: Our decision-making process is informed by comprehensive interviews, during which we evaluate candidates’ fit with our school culture, teaching philosophy, and commitment to student growth.
Reference Checks: We conduct reference checks, including contacting former employers and other references, to validate candidates’ professional backgrounds.

Employment Offer and Clearances
Candidate Acceptance: Upon acceptance, candidates will complete the necessary paperwork, undergo criminal background checks, and provide fingerprints.
Clearances: Employment offers are contingent upon successful clearances, including criminal and drug screenings.
Administrator’s Role: The school administrator extends employment offers and ensures that all clearances are obtained.

BMSS is dedicated to creating a supportive and dynamic work environment where educators thrive and contribute to our students’ success.

Broward Math and Science Schools
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  • The mission of the Broward Math and Science Schools is to offer elementary, middle and high school students in Broward County a high quality education, aligned with the Florida Standards, in an intellectually nurturing learning environment. Its purpose is to enable students to reach their maximum potential in all subject areas with special emphasis on mathematics, science, and reading utilizing state-of-the-art curriculum.


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