The mission of the Broward Math and Science Schools is to offer elementary, middle and high school students in Broward County a high quality education, aligned with the Florida Standards, in an intellectually nurturing learning environment. Its purpose is to enable students to reach their maximum potential in all subject areas with special emphasis on mathematics, science, and reading utilizing state-of-the-art curriculum.

Charter schools provide a choice to the parents within the public school system. The vision of BMSS will be high standards of student achievement and is committed to provide parents flexibility to choose among diverse educational opportunities within the state's public school system. Broward Math and Science Schools will give parents and students a choice of rigorous math, science and reading focused program in Broward County. To achieve its objectives, BMSS will:

(1) provide students with innovative curricula that were recognized as exemplary by the U.S. Department of Education in mathematics and science as well as rigorous reading programs.

(2) use a variety of student assessment methods and school climate surveys and participate in district and statewide assessment programs on a consistent basis to evaluate the effectiveness of teaching and learning processes and to improve the school environment.

(3) improve students' self-esteem, self-control, and self-regulation skills through group process skills and cooperative learning strategies. BMSS will have high expectations of its students both academically and socially. In addition, BMSS will aim at developing student awareness of local and community needs as well as an understanding of national and global issues; reaching academic excellence for all the students while at the same time recognizing individual differences. BMSS has the responsibility to construct a program, which engages and motivates students to invest their talents, energy, and enthusiasm in completing their schoolwork in an exemplary manner. In addition, continuous improvement, persistent innovation, positive response to change, and a commitment to successful growth are characteristics of the school's people and programs.

Finally, BMSS believes that an educated citizen in the 21st century must have the skills and understanding to participate and work productively in a multicultural, globally-oriented environment, including the skills required to use technology to its full potential in the new millennium.