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Science Olympiad Regionals

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Science Olympiad Regionals

Science Olympiad Regionals

This last weekend BMSS competed in the regionals for Science Olympiad. After working all year on their individual teams they came together and competed against teams from across the state! Facing numerous challenges that no other year has faced these students have shown that they have a major future in academics and science!

Coming together after months of prep we did extremely well. We placed top 6 in 5 divisions. The students ranged from 5th grade through 8th. The materials that they were tested on were incredibly varied and much more detailed than their normal class work. These students competed against students whose age ranged all the way through the 10th grade. While this years events are over some of the students are already looking and planning for their spots next year! Next years competition had better watch out because BMSS is coming for the tops spots.


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