3rd Annual Trash to Treasures

Third Annual Trash to Treasures Contest 2016-2017

This year's Trash to Treasure Contest brought out the best in all the students who participated in it. Their creativity and choice of materials was first class. The second graders have learned a valuable lesson in organizational skills and how to plan a school wide event. These skills will be something that they will use in their future endeavors as students. We look forward in continuing this school event and helping our students learn about conserving the natural resources of this beautiful planet we call home.

Second Annual Trash to Treasures Contest 2015-2016

Second Annual Trash to Treasure Contest was a great success. All the students were engaged and showed creative imaginations in their recycling projects. We are hoping that next year's contest will even be better.


1st Place Nicolas KB
2nd Place Zahir B. Third
3rd Place Ms. Kuo KC class ptoject.

1st Place Sam V. 6th
2nd Place Cameron R. 4th
3rd Place Julia B. 5th


First Annual Trash to Treasures Contest 2014-2015

BMSS celebrated Earth Day by having a "Trash to Treasure" contest. Students had to use recycled materials to make their art projects. 2nd grade made colorful posters announcing the contest throughout the school. For our 2nd grade class, it was an educational experience of how to organize and judge an event.

All of our students did an outstanding job on making treasures out of recycling materials. The art projects were so good that 2nd grade had a hard time choosing the winners.

In honor of Earth Day, 2nd grade planted a Mango tree in front of the school. Next year, we hope that every class plants a tree in order to give back to Earth.
BMSS students are learning to reduce, reuse and recycle.