Classroom Activities

2nd Grade Biom Activity

The second grade class was studying about habitats and what animals lived in them. They showed what the habitat looked like and what animals could survive in that habitat.
They used shoe boxes to create the Biomes.

Happy 100th Days of School!
We are 100 days smarter!

On our celebration of the 100th Days of School, our Kindergartners got to dress up like 100 years old! The students had so much fun dressing up and writing what would they do if they were 100 years old.


Light and Matter Interaction

In this science lesson, third graders learned about how light and matter interact. These lights are traveling outward and the mirror is reflecting the lights evenly.


What makes up soil?

Ms. Joseph's first grade class inspected soil samples outside.
Objective: Students will observe that soil is made up of different components such as decayed organic material and minerals.