Black History Month Celebration

Extra, extra, read all about it, BMSS students have done it again! February 20th, our students showed their talents and skills at our Annual Black History Program! They danced gracefully, sang inspirationally, read poetically and acted as if the great heroes was here themselves! What made this event even more special, was our special guest appearance by the Late Muhammad Ali's former wife, Mrs. Khalilah Ali. Mrs. Ali, won over the students with her charismatic speech. Thank you Mrs. Ali, it was truly an honor to have met you! You are now an honorary member of the BMSS family. A special thanks goes out to the students, parents and staff who made this night one for the record books. Each year, it gets better and better! If you're interested and want to be apart of our next event, get connected, and call our offices Monday - Friday from 9am to 3 pm. See you at our next BMSS Family Night!