Field Trips

Everglades Holiday Park

We had a fabulous time March 9,2018 at Everglades Holiday Park. We took an one hour air boat ride and saw alligators, fish, and many birds that live there. We learned a lot about the Everglade's, that is where our drinking water comes so we should keep it clean. Next we saw one of The Gator Boys do a show, showing us how to trap alligators that get into your pool. It was very exciting to watch. It was a beautiful sunny day and everyone had a wonderful time learning all about this one of a kind Eco system right in our own backyard. We all can't wait to go again soon!

Microsoft Store Trip

3rd and 4th grade took a field trip to the Microsoft Store on May 22nd. They learned about gaming, building and testing simple code, robotics, and computer anatomy.

Palm Beach Zoo Trip

On Friday March 3rd 2017, Kindergarten through Second grade had the opportunity to go on an exciting adventure. We went to Palm Beach Zoo to see the lions and tigers and bears… Oh my! The students learned a lot from the exhibits and watching the animals in their habitats. They even saw a koala and Wallaby from down under mates. We had a grand time and look forward to our next out of school learning experience.

Young at Art Museum Trip

On June 3rd 2016, our K-2 students visited the Young at Art Museum in Davie. The students were able to experience two of the exhibits and complete a workshop. They experienced the CultureScapes exhibit, in which cultures and artful traditions are celebrated. They were able to learn and celebrate diversity by experiencing art through the eyes of famous artists from around the world, including Haiti, Cuba, Japan, and Africa. They also experienced the ArtScapes exhibit. This exhibit allowed the students to learn about art history and explore theme-oriented environments. In the workshop, the students experienced art coming to life through the use of vibrant colors, layering, and 3-D glasses. All of the students enjoyed the opportunity to explore and experience the Young at Art Museum. Thanks to all of the parent chaperones that attended!

Holocaust Memorial Field Trip

On June 1st 2016, the 6th grade had an amazing opportunity to visit the Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach. After several weeks of studying the horrific events that led up to the Holocaust and the survivors accounts, we as a class decided that we wanted to visit the memorial and pay tribute to the families. At the Memorial we watched a video of several survivors describing there experiences in the ghettos and concentration camps. When the video was completed we were able to take a tour of the memorial and see the awesome sculptures and names of those who lost their lives during that period in the world's history. The students stated that visiting made everything they were taught real. As we concluded our study of the Holocaust and other acts of genocide around the world the students made a promise not turn to a blind eye to injustice,discrimination and hatred.

Tradewinds Educational Farm Trip

On March 11th 2016, The Kindergartners went on a field trip to Tradewinds Educational Farm. The students had been learning about the life cycle as well as farm animals. They were able to observe and pet many of the farm animals they had been studying. They also were given the opportunity to ride a pony. The children participated in a music class and listened to a couple of lively stories related to animals/farming. A fantastic time was had by all at the farm!

Apple Store Field Trip

On February 26th, BMSS' Science Olympiad and Lego League Teams visited Apple Store for a productive session. Students were introduced different apple products and worked on a Digital Marketing Project. Students created an Digital Ad about their favorite topic or product. Each of them presented their project to the group. Additionally, students were given an Apple T-shirt and a bracelet flash drive with their project stored in.

Field Trip at Manatee Lagoon

First and Second Grades went to the newly opened Manatee Lagoon in Palm Beach on Friday March 4th. We touched a skeleton of a fully grown manatee and a baby manatee. Our students learned a lot of facts about how they live. We even saw a manatee that was freely swimming. Everyone was super excited. We had lunch under a pavilion right next to the Palm Beach Port. It was a great and beautiful day. We can't wait to go back during the cold weather to see more manatees!

Bedner's Farm Trip 

Our Kindergarten students recently went on a trip to Bedner's Farm. While there, the students took a ride on a tractor to learn and see farming in action and actual growing crops. They were given the opportunity to taste some fresh produce. They also explored the Loxahatchee Wildlife Refuge. The children navigated the corn maze and picked a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch!


 MODS Field Trip

The trip to the Museum of Discovery and Science was amazing! First, Kindergarten to 5th-grade students enjoyed a thrilling 3D movie at the IMAX, "Tiny Giants" that had us on the edge of our seats.
Second, Kindergarten and 1st-grade students were also given the opportunity to participate in a hands-on slippery Science Lab about "The States of Matter", specifically water. 2nd and 3rd grade attended the "Opposites Attract" Lab where the students got to rotate between magnet centers, and explore different uses for magnets. 4th – 5th-grade students participated in a Chemistry Lab called "Rocking Reactions". They made Oobleck, blew a balloon up and made bubbles with regular household items; they also experimented with dry ice. The labs were a very engaging learning experience for all.
After the labs, we were able to explore the different exhibits. The students learned so many interesting facts about storms, reptiles, the body, and more! The students really enjoyed watching the otters play and becoming pilots on the dizzying space. They experienced the simulated airboat ride through the Everglades. They also had a blast when they pretended to be weather forecasters and archeologists, experiencing the force of a tornado and the fragileness of fossils. All the students and the staff had a blast at the Museum for Discovery and Science. We all had a wonderful time and can't wait to go back!


Tradewinds Park Educational Farm Field Trip

Our K-2 students took a field trip to Tradewinds Park Educational Farm. At the farm, the students were able to tour a farmhouse museum and learn about barnyard animals. They also had the opportunity to ride a horse. An enjoyable learning experience was had by all!

The Wow Factory Field Trip

Our students visited The Wow Factory on February 19th and 20th. The students played arcade games, laser tag, ropes course, laser frenzy, and ballocity. The students were thrilled about laser tag, and the arcade games. The Wow Factory adventure was amazing, and fun-filled. Our students are already planning their next trip!