Listed below are the 13 events in the 2016 Florida Elementary Science Olympiad. Use the sites below to help study both "research" and "building" events. Here are some additional sites that may be useful. If you know of any other sites/activities that would be helpful, please share. Please note we have not previewed/created all of the content on these sites.
If you encounter anything inappropriate, let me know immediately!


Events Links
A is for Anatomy
Bridge Building
Egg Drop
Energy Lab
Food Science
  Percent daily value
  Percent Daily Value 2
Mystery Packaging
Mystery Powders
Picture This- Weather
Rock Hound
   Quizlet Flashcards
  Rocks for Kids
  Identifying Minerals
  Interactive Rock Cycle
Solid, Liquid or Gas
Starry Starry Night Quizlet Vocabulary Practice 
  Starry Starry Night Practice Test 
  Starry Night Test 
  Starry Night Answer Sheet 
  More Starry Night Practice 
   Fact Monster
  Moon Phases
  Kids Astronomy
  NASA for Kids
  Study Jams
Water Rockets
Who Wants to Be a Biologist